20th September, 2017

  1. Gifts + Donations!  DO you know what you CAN claim?  read our latest blog to find out!
  2. TaxArana has issued a PRICE FREEZE on existing client tax returns for 2016/17 (providing there are no major changes).  This was announced at the EOFY celebrations held at the TaxArana office for all existing clients.
  3. Our next newsletter is due out in a few weeks, so if you’re interested in receiving top tax tips, reminders for BAS deadlines and keeping in the general ‘tax’ loop, send us an email and we’ll add you to the distribution list.

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Welcome to TaxArana. We are strongly committed to providing the best assistance for our clients and with our vast experience in Accounting and Taxation areas we are confident in providing accurate, high quality service to you.

Did you know that TaxArana specialise in tax returns for Defence Force personnel?

TaxArana has an understanding of the unique complexities those in active and inactive service have with regards to tax deductible entitlements.  We have been helping Australia’s heroes with their tax returns for many years look forward to helping our next generation of Army, Navy and Air forces with theirs.   Call us if you would like to know more!


Why choose TaxArana?

TaxArana understands first hand the challenges small business owners face. With a collective experience of over 60 years in finance, we have the expertise and working knowledge to help you with any process.  From preparing a personal tax return for individuals to creating a business plan for a small business entity, we can do this for you.  TaxArana can also advise on, and set up, the right entity for your business.

Our aim is to make life simpler for our clients, working closely with you to ensure you do it once, and do it right. Let us look after you, so you can spend what little free time you probably have doing what you love.

*** NEW *** TaxArana Blog

Keep up to date with the latest information released from the ATO and other industry bodies via our blog. We aim to sift through the ‘tech speak’, and give you simple to do lists, (and what NOT to do lists) on how to keep on top of your tax preparation.  Check out our first blog here.

TaxArana e-newsletter

If you are interested in receiving a monthly update / newsletter from us, let us know.  Our aim is to make your life simpler, and these newsletters are a great way keep on top of your tax preparations.  The newsletters will be a summary of reminders for helping you to prepare your quarterly BAS statements and top tips for organising your paper work.  Think of it as your monthly ‘work in progress’ or status report for your own finance preparations. Don’t forget to let us know if you want to sign up!

Personalised service

While we are happy to receive ‘walk ins’, we value long term relationship with TaxArana clients. As a client, we sit with you and take the time to understand your personal circumstances.  Once an understanding is there, we are able to offer you the very best advice, suited to your individual and business needs.

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