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Tax Scams; how to spot them

March, 2019

Tax scam season has arrived.  TaxArana recently sent out an email to clients, informing them of the latest bout of tax scams and how to spot them.  The response to this email was overwhelming! We’ve had numbers of clients tell us…

Granny Flat – tax review

February, 2019
Do you have a Granny Flat?
If you currently own a granny flat, or are looking at building one, do you know what the tax implications are? If so, you should know that the Government has requested the Board of Taxation to undertake a r…

Changes to HELP repayments

November, 2018

Changes to HELP repayment rates and threshold
New HELP repayment rates and thresholds have been set for from 1 July 2019.

These changes have been implemented in an effort to improve the sustainability of the Higher Education…



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